A morning of cinquain poems

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Dear Julie,

Your daily writing tips emails are fast becoming one of my all time favourite homeschooling resources! I look forward to opening your emails every morning, and my entire family is enjoying the fun writing suggestions you send along to us.

Last week we had great fun verbally “writing” reference letters for each other, and even my 3 year old son was in there having a blast coming up with his own versions. (He was very excited to be deemed a world class expert at licking icing off of cakes!)

This morning we had a wonderful time writing cinquain poems.* I thought I’d share some of our’ poems with you so you can see first hand what you’re inspiring.

By Fallon (10 yrs):

Cute, cuddly
Running, hugging, kissing
I love Sloane

Big, friendly
Flying, eating, sleeping
He burns my hand

Describing her drawing of a robot couple!

Metal, electric
Loving, scanning, talking
He loves his wife

By Eamonn (8 yrs):

Thin, diamond
Slicing, dicing, ricing
My sword is my hoard

By Mama:

Majestic, miraculous
Moving, morphing, mourning
Marking many millennia

Thanks for all the work you do to inspire and cheer us all on. We appreciate it so much!


*A cinquain is a five-lined poem and can be written various ways (some cinquains use different numbers of syllables for each line). For young writers we recommend:

  1. One word (a noun, the subject of the poem)
  2. Two words (adjectives that describe the subject in line 1)
  3. Three words (-ing action verbs (participles) that relate to the subject in line 1)
  4. Four words (a phrase or sentence that relates feelings about the subject in line 1)
  5. One word (a synonym for the subject in line 1 or a word that sums it up)

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