Poetry Teatime: Around the campfire

Poetry Teatime

My name is Rebecca, my children are Roman (almost 8) and Simone (5). Poetry Tea Time gives our family rhythm and respite – some quite time among the complexities of math, of learning to read. It easily blends into many other aspects of life. We use it to practice proper table manners or to learn to cook the goodies we will eat.

I wanted to share with you a photo from our most recent Poetry Tea. It took place while camping in the Santa Fe National Forest, about an hour from our house. No fancy tea cups and pastry this time. However, campfire s’mores, tall Ponderosa Pines and cool mountain air are a good trade.

I love listening to the giggles of my children as I read Hat by Shel Silverstein. The poem is about a child who is wearing a toilet plunger as a hat. The reader can only assume he must have been told this by an older sibling. I think as mother’s we can all relate to the plight of our youngest children. I feel as though I have come full circle when I read poems by Silverstein, my parents read them to me as a child, now I am sharing them with my children. They are silly and deep at the same time.

Sometimes our Poetry Tea is fancy and proper, sometimes it is lemonade and cookies in the park, sometimes it is mud pies and sticks in the river and sometimes it is up in the tall pines of the mountains. In the photo we are enjoying what we love most about homeschool, independence. We are camping, during the middle of the week, in an empty forest.


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