Partnership Writing is here!

PartnershipWritingYou wanted:

Developmentally appropriate writing projects for your middlers.

Step-by-step instructions with models.

A weekly and monthly plan that puts it all together.

You got it!


Partnership Writing
The Year-Long Language Arts Plan
and 10 Monthly Writing Projects
(9-10 year olds)

Partnership Writing is the second in our series of products that gives you developmentally appropriate writing projects for your kids in the partnership writing stage of development. Jot It Down! is the first.

Have you wondered why your writing assignments stall? Do you wonder why your kids give you a blank stare after you ask them to fill a blank page? Do you have a tough time creating writing assignments that are both creative (interesting) and academically sound (preparatory for essay writing)?

And just how do you put together a program that includes copywork and dictation, as well as the language rich environment you hope to foster in your home, while still teaching original writing?

Partnership Writing tackles it all!

It can work alone (as a tool you use to boost the power of your writing efforts with your kids) and it can work in tandem with other Brave Writer products: The Writer’s Jungle (the manual that teaches YOU how to teach writing), and The Arrow (the tool that provides you with great literature to read, grammar, spelling and punctuation help, and copywork/dictation passages).

Plus we have special bundles on the website for Partnership Writing + The Writer’s Jungle and/or The Arrow.

To learn more about the Partnership Writing stage of development (usually 9-10 year olds, but also good for younger advanced writers and older kids who struggle), you can check out our Getting Started with Brave Writer page. You can also listen to a podcast by me where I explain what Partnership Writing is.

This is the perfect product for you if you need help thinking of writing projects and want to know how to plan them for a month at a time.

Partnership Writing gives you the
step-by-step implementation of
what to write,
not just how to write.


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