Do it! Taking learning outdoors

Run Run Run
Image by Umair Mohsin

Remember how your 5th grade teacher would take you outside in April or May when the sun was shining to “do school” and you would be so excited to get out of the classroom, you’d become silly, and tug on Charlie’s shirttail and then Missie would steal your pencil, and some class clown would make a wisecrack and Mr. Bernard would shout that if everyone didn’t calm down, he would take you back inside to the Dark Room, where the sun doesn’t shine?

No schooling got done, but it felt so good to be outside. But your teacher vowed to never take that chance again.

Fast forward to your life now.

You live in a house. You are in charge. You can move the math book to any bench, picnic table, blanket, or trampoline outdoors.

Do it! Tickling, shirt-tail pulling, and wisecracks welcome.

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