Poetry Teatime: Outside!

Poetry Teatime

Warm enough for an outdoor tea time today with poetry by Michael Rosen. Yes, we still have Christmas lights up.

The book was titled “Mustard, Custard, Grumble Belly and Gravy”. The illustrations in this book are by Quentin Blake. My five year old son Cooper liked the poem “Shorts” because of the funny pictures accompanying it. He also liked “Something’s Drastic” because of the funny pictures.

Charlotte, age 9, liked “Bathroom Fiddler” because “it had a good rhythm.”

I wasn’t as fond of these poems as other books we’ve read, but the kids liked them. The pictures helped. By the end I had Cooper on my lap and Charlotte hanging on my back so they could see better.

We were pretty rushed today so food was quick and simple-some chocolate wafer cookies, animal crackers, and American cheese slices. None of us like tea so I had water and the kids had chocolate almond milk. I pull out the good china and cloth napkins and we make a toast. Today’s toasts were all related to the beautiful, warm weather.


Poetry Teatime

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