Poetry Teatime: The Miller Family

Gina_TeatimeHi Julie!

Just wanted to send you a pic of our first Tea-Time Tuesday! We decided to call ours: Po-E-Tea Tuesdays :O)

We invited friends we are comfortable with so that we could see what format works and what doesn’t … it was a great first time and we learned a lot.

Some things that went well…

1. served quality tea
2. fresh tablecloth (even though we had a bad spill at the end)
3. kept it simple by serving store-bought shortbread cookies
4. used nice ceramics
5. our centerpiece was simple: candy corn in mason jars with a tea light
6. our boys recited and acted out the Jabberwocky by Lewis Carrol (what a hit!)
7. all guested shared their favorite poems (some wrote their own!)
8. the lesson on “how to have proper tea” went VERY well and many started speaking in an English accent for the entire hour … lol

Some things that I will do different next time …

1. Read from our current read-aloud at the table (just saw this suggestion on Poetry Teatimes description I printed this summer?!)
2. Read from the list of read-aloud suggestions from the Arrow packets

Overall, it was good! The mothers of those who were invited really enjoyed it, too! I believe what is doable for our schedule is to host a tea for many friends once-a-month … on the off Tuesdays, we’ll keep it simple with just the 3 of us!

Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions in THE WRITER’S JUNGLE curriculum! We just finished 8 weeks of Free-write Fridays!

Now I need to take a deep breath … and not be scared of the next step …

… trying not to be overwhelmed … taking baby steps!

Gina Miller

Thanks Gina! It’s great to hear from you! I hope that other families will take inspiration from what you share here! –Julie

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