Poetry Teatime: Stacy


Thanks for the recommendation on BraveWriter Moms for Tuesday Teatime! My girls absolutely love it! Tea and cookies are even good motivation for me, the mom, to get out there and read some poetry. And with cookies on the line, I know the girls won’t fail to remind me.


Stacy Bradley

P.S. Thanks again for your wonderful blog and group. Teatime is a hit! This morning the first words out of my 6-year-old’s mouth were “It’s Tuesday Teatime today, Mom.”

So great hearing from Stacy and seeing her little outdoor teatime with her children. Let’s hear from you! I’d love more teatime photos to share. Summer is a great time to sit outside with lemonade or tall glasses of iced tea. Add cookies, as Stacy shared, and you’ll have a party with poetry.

P.S. If you send us a photo and a description of your teatime, and we use it on the blog, you’ll get a free back issue of the Arrow or Boomerang for your trouble.

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