A little of this and that…

Hi everyone!

Great to have you all reading along. I removed the two posts that were here earlier this week (about the GHC and the Cincinnati convention in particular). The week is over, we’ve all had a chance to discuss what happened or may have happened, and I was able to answer some direct questions about my life and Brave Writer’s story. If you missed those posts and would like to read them, you may email me. Otherwise, let’s let the past be past and move forward into a happy future. I’ve loved all the incredible emails you’ve sent me. Some have brought me to tears.

This whole chain of events has led to many more opportunities to share about Brave Writer’s work too. Just yesterday I was in touch with the Homeschool Expo in BC (Canada, that is!). They called and I listened. I hope I can be a part of that great Northwest convention at some time in the future. I’ve had requests for articles, speaking, and general goodwill all around, so thank you for all of that.

The best way to help Brave Writer is to share about it with your homeschooling friends. I know you already do… so keep doing that. 🙂

More homeschool advice and writing help coming your way!

In the meantime, next week is a big one for us.

The new Jot It Down! Year Long Language Arts and Writing Program is set to release.

So excited about THAT!

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Have a great weekend!


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