Last Chance Low Prices!

Prices for Help for High School and the Boomerang Complete go up on Sunday night. You have a few days left to get them at their lowest prices ever. Help for High School is currently priced $49.00 and will go up to $79.00. The Boomerang Complete subscription is currently $24.95 per month and will go up to $34.95 per month. If you are already subscribed or subscribe before Sunday, you are locked in at the lower price for the remaining months of the school year.

Help for High School is your home study manual of choice, written to your teen, to support the growth and development of rhetorical thinking, argument, powerful vocabulary and expository essay formats all in one resource. It is intended to be self-teaching for teens.

The Boomerang Complete is our language arts subscription plus the instructor led literature discussion that goes with the monthly issue of the Boomerang. You’ll get both the digital download which gives language arts (grammar, spelling, punctuation, literary style) notes using four passages from the selected novel and the literature discussion questions. These questions are then discussed with other 7th-9th grade students in the online class folder with a Brave Writer instructor.

The Brave Writer Home Study Package (which includes digital downloads of both The Writer’s Jungle and Help for High School) will go up from $124.99 to $149.99.

Take advantage of these low prices now!

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