Tuesday Teatime: A Brave Writer family

Hi Julie,
We are new to the BraveWriter life and poetry teatime was a great jumping in spot for us. These photos are from our first Tea last spring. We even used your recipe to make ourselves some blueberry scones, which we had never tried to do before. I’m not one for messing with a recipe, but in the spirit of a great event unfolding, we went with what was on hand. After a couple rounds of poems, we settled in for the first chapter of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”. I had been waiting to introduce them to the series, so it was wonderful to have such a special setting in which to start.

They enjoy tea time so much that they often seek out poetry books at the library and will even set the table, with all the trimmings, while I finish up other chores.

Thank you for sharing your philosophy,
A happy Brave Writer mom!

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