Tuesday Teatime: Twiss Family

Hi Julie,
I was interested in your appeal for Poetry Teatime pictures. We don’t actually use any Brave Writer materials yet but I do enjoy reading your blog. So, here are some pictures from our teatime…

twiss 02 twiss 03

“Who wants to have Poetry Teatime?” asks Mom.
“Me!” responds everyone.
Caleb (8) gets out the poetry books.
Ethan (6) gets out the tablecloth.
Adam (5) and his friend, Omari (5), drool on the brownies.
Mom gets out the dishes and puts the water on for tea.
Abby Jane (2) sits there looking cute.

Admittedly, the snacks take first priority for most of the group. But poetry comes in a close second while the tea is a very distant third for everyone but Mom and Abby Jane- she will be great for Tea Parties! Anyway, we share poems for awhile which consists mostly of Shel Silverstein (read with feeling since we listen to him read his own poems in the car) and Jack Prelutsky (great vocabulary!). Mom usually slips in some more “literary” poetry. We almost always end with a choral reading of “The Crocodile’s Toothache” by Shel Silverstein.

I actually live just about an hour north of Cincinnati. I would love to know if you have any speaking engagements in the area!
Erin Twiss

I will keep you posted right here on the blog of my speaking engagements. I would also love to be invited places! I’m finally in a position to travel and to speak. So…. if your group wants me, email me!

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