Hurry! Last minute registrations for KWI, HH and Adv. Comp

Kidswrite Intermediate, Hand-Holders and Advanced Composition all start Monday. They all have space. You may not see them again until the next school year. Don’t miss your chance to get in on these important classes.

Quick notes: Kidswrite Intermediate is one of the most unique writing courses on the market! We use exploratory writing tools (specially created by me, Julie Bogart) to draw out the rhetorical thinking and linguistic creativity necessary for powerful academic essay writing and crafting in high school and college. I’m telling you – learning to write a dusty dry essay just doesn’t cut it. We’ve got to help our teens translate that spark and writing aliveness into a forceful, compelling academic writing style. Who teaches that? We do! Sign up today. Your teens will love it. It’s the most energizing, surprising class they’ll take this year. Nothing like what they’ve done before.

Hand-Holders is a brand new tool created on request from countless Brave Writer Moms. After working through KWB or The Writer’s Jungle, many moms want the comfort, accountability and support of a BW instructor to help them continue to guide their children into productive writing projects. Christine Gable, instructor, is especially equipped to help you. She’ll give you all the tools and support you need to finish out the school year strong!

And last, but most certainly not least, is Advanced Composition which I teach! I don’t get to do the online classes as much as I used to so don’t miss this chance to put your teens with me. I use all my academic experience to help your kids be up to the minute in their preparation for what colleges expect in their essay assignments. If you wonder what other kinds of essays your kids will be called on to write, these are the ones: definition and textual analysis are commonly assigned in the undergraduate programs. Don’t miss this last minute chance to get your teens ready for fall (if they’re seniors) or for the coming year of writing (if they’re juniors). I’ll happily take some precocious sophomores, too.

Register here ASAP.

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