Check in with yourself

It’s mid-February. Time to ask yourself a quick set of questions:

1. When was my last poetry teatime?

2. Freewrite?

3. Would my kids enjoy a movie this week?

4. How can I encourage a look at nature in February (bring in twigs or berries from outside? take a short hike in the snow? watch a thunder storm through a window? flip through a nature book?)?

5. Have I noticed and enjoyed a good metaphor lately? Can I find one to share with the kids?

6. Do I have a set of refrigerator word magnets? Can I get those out and play with them with the kids this morning?

7. When was the last time I journaled? Is there some pressing issue in my life that needs the attention of writing? Can I make time for that today?

Make a little space for writing, words, images and feelings today. Just pick one thing. You don’t have to do them all.

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