Don’t forget to register for January classes!

I know it’s Christmas and I know you, like me, are spending too much time in mall parking lots looking for a space. So it seems absurd to remind you to sign up for classes when you really need that one tube of vegan mascara for your college-aged daughter’s stocking, and that’s what is uppermost on your mind.

Still, January 5, 2009 is almost here. Some of our best classes start that day and you’ll want to be sure not to miss them as they don’t get offered every quarter.

Hand-Holders is a brand new Brave Writer class designed to help those of you who love the Brave Writer approach to writing, but still would like the feedback and support of an instructor. You’ll feel great at the end of the month knowing you helped your child write a piece worthy of praise and revealing progress.

One Thing: Grammar is designed to transform how you understand the role of grammar in language arts instruction. In fact, it’s safe to say that you’ll never look at grammar the same way again! In the usual surprise twist that is characteristic of Brave Writer instruction, you’ll discover how grammar is the glamor of language and writing.

Kidswrite Basic and Kidswrite Intermediate are two of our Brave Writer staples. Don’t miss these as you get back into the routine of writing in the winter!

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