Tomorrow’s Registration Day!

We will make class registration go live at 12:00 noon eastern on the website here:

One Thing Workshops here:

If you can’t get the page to refresh and show you the links for enrollment and registration, come to the blog. We will also post direct links from here so that you have no difficulty with registration.

If for any reason you are unable to access the registration pages (we have heard of incidences like this due to problems with webpages refreshing, being overseas, sluggish Internet connections), you may always email your registration to us:

julie AT bravewriter DOT com

Include the name of the course, the ages of your children, your phone number, two email addresses, how you plan to pay tuition and your name. Do not send this information until you have attempted to use our registration pages which do not go live until 12:00 p.m. eastern. We will not accept any early registrations.

Tomorrow begins the first day of our new language arts programs for 2008-2009, as well. It is certainly not too late at all to become a subscriber to the Arrow or Boomerang, or Boomerang with discussion.

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