Why summer classes are a great idea

Why summer online writing classes are a great idea

Well first of all, they’re great especially for those who aren’t in summer! Anyone who is below the equator ought to consider taking our summer classes as they are cheaper and come right at the time that you are full swing into the school year.

For the rest of us, though, the Brave Writer summer schedule is really helpful in keeping kids engaged in writing without the pressure of other subjects competing for their attention. Remember how math always gets done, but writing tends to be skipped? Flip the script! Put writing first this summer and let math take a holiday.

Why summer online writing classes are a great ideaWe offer a variety of options. If you have a student who can’t get past the doldrums with writing, Write For Fun is the ideal class. It puts writing into an entirely new context. Students play with words they way they might toy with Legos or their Live Journal templates. They have creative freedom, but also new processes for stimulating that engagement with language. It’s a three week burst of writing activity that kids enjoy, rather than dread. So if you didn’t finish the year on a high, this is your chance.

Kidswrite Intermediate is designed to help students make the transition from personal experience and creative writing to academic writing. Most schools expect kids to move effortlessly from one style to the next… from writing about what they did over the summer or how the alien got into the cafeteria, to essays about the death penalty or Romeo and Juliet without any formal instruction. They also assume that the skills learned in the earlier grades are not necessarily applicable to the academic formats and therefore never address or explain how those skills can be translated into powerful writing!

Why summer online writing classes are a great ideaKidswrite Intermediate is designed to teach kids how to apply the creative, thoughtful, experience driven writing of their younger years to the academic formats (like the essay or research paper). Those skills have a role, have a place in academic writing. They create the voice, power and passion in the writing. The summer is a great time for a teen to work at his or her own pace, learning how to make that transition before the school year starts up again.

With all classes in the summer, our due dates are more flexible to accommodate travel plans. So if you have any questions, please feel free to email me and we’ll work it out so your kids can participate.

So I encourage you to take advantage of summer classes also, because the competition for slots is much less intense! Our fall schedule (which will start in August) is usually loaded and sometimes difficult to get your kids in the classes you want.

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