Winter Classes still open!

Seems we’ve done it. We’ve finally come up with enough classes that families who want classes will get them. We still have openings in every class, every session of the winter class schedule.

If you missed yesterday’s sign up, don’t worry. You can probably still get in the class of your choice. Here are the classes that are nearly closed, so act soon if you want to be in them:

  • SAT/ACT Essay Writing: One space left
  • Expository Essay: Five spaces left

All other classes have plenty of room.

Here’s what moms say about Brave Writer classes:

Kidswrite Basic:

I would describe (Kidswrite Basic) as treating YOURself to a personal tutor! As homeschooling parents, we’ve done so much on our own, it’s a nice reward to have someone do the thinking and handholding and teaching.

It is worth every penny to pay someone else to read your child’s work. Even though the point is to better equip the mom to walk through the process – the walk should still include an outside commenter if at all possible. It was such a joy for the girls!

I really love Brave Writer’s ideas on teaching writing and never knew quite how much until the class. The class showed me exactly how to use The Writer’s Jungle. I needed the hand holding to walk me through TWJ. I’m so excited about writing this year. I thought we hadn’t really done much “school” writing in the past, but found out that all the lists and stories written in free time and narration is all a huge part of writing. Why do we get so caught up in thinking only about that dreaded elementary school report, when we hated it so much when we were little?

SAT/ACT Essay:

As we’re concluding our homeschooling journey in two weeks, I just wanted to say thank you so much for being an extremely valuable part of what we did. Thanks for helping AJ be a thoughtful writer, and thanks for helping Ben get scores on the SAT that allowed him to get the money he needed to go to his first choice but very expensive college. We will always remember your generosity on his behalf, as well as recommend your writing classes with enthusiasm whenever the opportunity arises.

Here’s what a student said:
It was fun. Mrs. Bogart did a great job teaching, and what she said was not confusing. The other students in the class were friendly and encouraging.

Here’s what his mom said:
The writing steps were given in a logical manner, with exercises to build up to the whole essays. The prompt examples were invaluable. We would not have otherwise known what to expect, or what the test graders were expecting for a response. The times for the first assignments were longer. The subsequent writing times gradually honed down to the time given on the “real thing.” Much encouragement was given between the students and from Mrs. Bogart. I might have liked a little more instructional comment on some of the essays, but that can be added as a parent if you read the instructional material and have a good rapport with the student. Frankly, I don’t know how Mrs. Bogart keeps up with all the corrections – it is truly amazing to see it in action!! I enjoyed learning both from comments she made on my student’s essays, and her comments on the other student’s essays. I also learned from the writing styles of the other students. It was encouraging to see the ideas of other students across the world. As a parent, it made me proud of the youth of today. The students were intelligent and thoughtful; they wanted to make a difference in their world. This class was worth the investment.

Just So Stories:

Mrs. Rachel I would like to thank you for this wonderful class that has helped my creativity and helped expand my outlook on the world around me. Now every time I see the animals God created I constantly go into “Kipling mode” and think of comical, endearing stories about how they got their features! (13 year old student)

Kidswrite Intermediate and the Essay:

I’m writing to thank you for the help you provided me and my son through your classes. Walter took several of your courses, and I took a curriculum building class. We both learned a great deal. Walter started college this year and his freshman English professor is so impressed by his writing she is encouraging him to be an English major. She even asked him if she could use one of his papers as an example for future classes. Walter hasn’t decided on a major, but so many doors are opening because he is confident in his writing. Thank you for providing all the help and resources through the years.

If you need a mid-year shot in the arm, someone to hold your hand or offer your kids valuable feedback on their writing, winter quarter is the perfect time to take an online class. You’ll be indoors, your kids will be ready for a change of pace and you’ll like having the support in your writing program.

Registration information can be found here.

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