The nature of things


Just had to share.  Nature Journaling on Mondays has been a great exercise for us.  Today’s was exceptional.  We finished our morning “school” of math, dictation, history etc.  After lunch we try to go outside for at least one hour.  As I stepped out the front door the dog and I were upon a Pheobe.  It was obviously “not right” and I had to restrain our border collie from eating it.  A quick call to the boys to come see this stunned bird and “Nature time” certainly had begun.  This bird spent the next near-hour with us.  Everyone held it…either by personal choice or when it landed on us…even the dog!  Yes, we got a photo of that too.  The one I wanted to share with you was of my middle son starting his Nature Journal with the bird right on the paper.  We removed the bird from “us” one way or another to set it back on the bird bath at least a half a dozen times.  This was one of it’s landing spots…right on the nature journal.  It eventually did fly away to a tree.  What a wonderful time.  I thought you’d appreciate hearing about our nature journaling.  Learning at home can be so much fun!

~Rachel in NH

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