Good afternoon or morning or evening!

Wherever you are, I hope your day is wonderful and serene!

Yesterday marked a landmark moment in Brave Writer. We got through an entire day of registrations without a single waiting list!! That means, we may have actually done it – created enough classes to satisfy our current customer base. I can’t tell you how good that feels! We are closing in on limits in several classes, but at least those who were serious about getting in one (who set their alarms and refreshed screens 100 times, and sweated while they typed their registration forms) all successfully registered for the classes of their choice.

If you are still wanting a course, be sure to register soon. They will all fill at this rate. But at least now the initial storm is past.

Today, I paint my daughter’s bedroom rather than sitting chained to the computer and cell phone. Btw, fun to talk to so many of you yesterday! (And what a great group you are – so many included really kind notes in their registrations. Makes it all worth it.)

Sunshine and puppies to everyone!


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