Tuesday Teatime: Three Stories; One Family

The following teatime message was sent to me during our winter here in Ohio. Knowing that it is cold Down Under, I thought this little glimpse of teatime winter style might be just the thing for our chilly Aussies and Kiwis. And for those who are sweltering in the summer heat in the northern hemisphere, perhaps this memory of the cold will be a cooling influence. 🙂 Keep those teatime stories coming!

Hi, Julie.
I know you like to keep up on the tea time news among the families, so here are three stories about tea in our home.

We invited another family over to visit one Saturday, with totally nonacademic intent. The boys (my four, her one) played Star Wars miniatures, and later moved on to Star Wars games on the computer. We two moms just visited, catching up on each other’s holiday news, and sharing frustrations, accomplishments, and challenges. We talked about how to address our creative endeavors while still adequately attending to our families’ needs. Each of us had some inspiring faith stories to share with one another, as well.

This mom happens to make a mean guacamole dip, so she provided chips and dip, and I provided tea. The boys ate most of the chips, and we drank all of the tea (mmm…cinnamon cardamom). It was so good to visit after not having seen each other for a few weeks. We’ll have to do it again sometime soon, since her daughter, who was out of state at the time, missed out on all the Star Wars action, and told her mom, “I wish I could have been there!”
Funny thing–this is what we do when we gather at my house. The moms have a heartwarming tea which is never anything fancy, and the children have Star Wars to their hearts’ content. (I guess that means they’re having a heartwarming time, too, eh?)

The second teatime was totally serendipitous. I had heard from many friends about the movie, “84 Charing Cross Road.” I decided to watch it with the boys, and we were hooked from the moment it began, since it was about books! 😎 Part of the story occurs in London, so I seized the opportunity to tie in some British culture. We’ve always been curious about digestive biscuits, having heard about them on Arthur, the PBS show of all places! Only the day before, I was surprised to find McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits available in a nearby store whose stock varies considerably from any one of my visits to the next.

Since we were watching a British movie and had British biscuits, we decided to have tea! (Hope hot chocolate counts, though…it’s been subzero here. Cocoa is always more filling, and this was a bedtime treat, so tea per se wasn’t our choice of beverage.) It was such fun to unite our appetites for books with the tasty treat and a movie that seemed made for one another!

Over the holidays, I had many personal tea times, since I had to be up early with my husband for his seasonal work schedule changes. I’d light a candle, make tea, and refresh my spirit. One time, it was by writing cards. Another day, I made two booklets as gifts. Other days, I’d write or read my Bible. The time I took to do these things just for myself was a refreshing reminder to look for similar opportunities throughout the year. Each time I accomplished only a bit, but it all adds up!

Thanks for continuing to encourage other mothers in so much more than writing. I think you help us to keep the essence of family life at the center of our learning.


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