Summer update on Brave Writer

We’re going through some big changes this summer for Brave Writer. The website is being redesigned, we’re evaluating some new learning software and we’re revamping the subscriptions programs. Additionally, we’ll make available all the back issues of every year of the Arrow, Boomerang and Slingshot by August.

Here’s a short list of things you will know by the end of June:

  • The book lists for the coming year’s language arts subscriptions (Arrow and Boomerang)
  • How we’re changing the Slingshot
  • The fall course schedule

There will be some price changes for fall so if you want last year’s prices (particularly on back issues and a full year’s worth of subscription issues as purchased through the Writer’s Jungle Platinum Package), I urge you to take advantage now.

I’ll be gone this week to college orientation with my daughter so the blog will languish a bit. I’ll be back by Thursday.

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