Scratch and Dent Sale

Occasionally we have a shipment of books that is not up to Brave Writer standards. Recently one of our printers used slightly inferior paper and the quality of the print was not as clean as we like it to be. For a limited time, we are making these copies of The Writer’s Jungle available for a reduced price. Instead of $97.00, these Writer’s Jungles are $75.00 plus shipping and handling. That’s a savings of $22.00. The contents are identical, the binders are the new format and in mint condition. Tab dividers and sheet lifters provided.

So for those on a budget who’d like the identical content but a slightly inferior product, email me directly and I’ll give you a code for purchase. This offer will last as long as we have them in stock. There are less than fifty copies available.
Happy writing!

Julie Bogart

P.S. We still have copies available (5/2/07). I’ll be sending out a Zipline tonight so if you are thinking about purchasing, now’s the time.

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