Speaking at PEACH

Last night I had the joy of speaking to a homeschool group about an hour from my house. This is the second speaking engagement in two months where the participants included moms who’ve used Brave Writer materials for years. In the past, I’d attend these events and no one had ever heard of me or Brave Writer.

Now I’ve got moms attending who can answer the questions better than I can!
It is wild to be at a point where moms come to meetings specifically to share with me how much Brave Writer classes and materials have helped their children. I get to hear about high school and college students who’ve gone on to perform well in their writing classes and these moms thank Brave Writer for that success. Love that!

Last night one mother brought her children with her to the talk. One little boy of about 9 missing his big front left tooth chattered away with me afterwards. We got to talking sports and I asked him if he was a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals (I happen to be, though the agony of watching them almost win aka: lose the last three games is enough to make me rend my number 9 jersey). Seth declared that he is not. I probed:

Who is your favorite team?

I haven’t decided yet.

Do you like the Colts?

Not really.

But Peyton Manning’s arm! You gotta love that.

Peyton Manning can pass, yes, but they lose like in the first game of the play-offs. I mean, they can’t stop the run.

Now really, don’t you love kids? He knew as much about the NFL as I did. He went on to tell me that his dad is a Bears fan and that they were both really mad when the Bears lost one game a few weeks ago. I got a big charge out of him.

Kids are delightful, interesting people. I’m so glad I got to meet this little guy (Seth) and his sister Sarah. Made my night.

More tomorrow. Gotta get back to my own brood.

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