Rewrite a Fairytale

Here’s a quick writing idea that you can try if you are in a rut and want something to do besides freewriting.

Write a fairy tale with a new ending. Start with the familiar (any tale, like Little Red Riding Hood who goes to Grandma’s house and meets a wolf…) Then change it.

Here’s how to change it:

  1. Introduce a new item into the story: such as, a curling iron, a motorcycle, a packet of pop tarts…
  2. Introduce a new action: such as, dancing, fencing, climbing a tree, racing a Nascar racer, braiding hair, casting a spell
  3. Introduce a change in personality for a primary character: such as, a persnickety wolf, a dangerous grandma, a forgetful Red Riding Hood…

If you do these three things to the original, a new ending will automatically present itself!

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