Time, consistency and enthusiasm, ala Brave Writer

So how do these fit the Brave Writer philosophy?

Time: The Brave Writer philosophy urges you to partner with your kids in their growth as writers. It does require real time spent with your children. We don’t offer a “hand your child the guide while you wash the dishes” kind of writing help. Rather, Brave Writer focuses on enhancing the friendship between parent/editor and child/writer. Their partnership is developed through time spent together, particularly one-on-one time.

Consistency: The Brave Writer Lifestyle gives moms a way to provide a routine that is both flexible yet helps to develop habits that create the conditions for writing and growing in language arts. Consistency has two parts: habit and philosophy. Habit is cultivated by routines that we choose to incorporate into our lives. Consistent philosophy means to allow a set of beliefs or ideas to influence how we behave for a period of time to discover what kind of fruit is borne.

Enthusiasm: A trademark of Brave Writer instruction is enthusiasm for who are our children are, rather than a focus on “proper” writing instruction. We look for the unique person that is our child and draw that out so that the child’s writing may capture it. We do this by genuinely expressing interest in our children’s passions and skills, and then helping those get to paper or computer screen. Writing support and direction occur in a context of enthusiasm for your child’s writing voice.

If these three overwhelm you, pick one and start there. See if today you can either offer time, consistency or enthusiasm to your child.

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