Today is Fall Course Registration Day

AKA: Crazy Inbox Day.

If you want to enroll in a fall class, today’s the day to do it. Be sure to follow all the rules for registration precisely.

If the gods don’t smile on you and you don’t get into the class of your choice, we have a waiting list and priority registration for the next quarter for those who missed out this time. Also, there is a chance we will open a second Kidswrite Basic later in the fall, en shah allah. (as God wills…)

Usually Kidswrite Basic fills the most quickly followed by the Expository Essay, Just So Stories and then Write for Fun and Kidswrite Basic Empowered.

We are on Eastern Daylight Savings Time which means we are on the same time as New York City, one hour later than Chicago, two hours later than Denver and three hours later than Los Angeles. Registration opens at noon my time. Send your enrollments to my email address: julie AT bravewriter DOT com.

Good luck!

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