Today’s Featured Blogs

I’m quickly adding blog links to my Brave Writer Moms Blogroll. (I’ll roll them out later this week.) I also want to begin and grow a list of blog links to children’s writing. Let’s help our kids develop a readership.

The Game Guide is written by two homeschooled boys who have a passion for console games. These two give extremely detailed reviews of their faovrite games including number ratings between 1-10 for gameplay, graphics, sound and music, and value. Drop by and comment on their work. They might even take requests for more reviews!

What’s New with Connor? takes a look at what Connor wishes to share with the cyberspace world. He’s running from a herd of buffalo, features photographs of his shadow and plastic soldiers and posts math problems for his dad.

The Life of a Rocker Blogger is written by Mitchy and he gives you his straight up opinions about Metallica and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He hasn’t updated in awhile so perhaps it would encourage him to do so if you popped in and said hello.

I’ll add these to a special blogroll for student writing. If you have kids who write online, please share their web addresses so we can visit them! If your kids don’t have a website, they can submit writing to me for possible publication on this blog. Any topic!

For you writing moms, keep the blog links coming. I will be adding lots of new ones this week and will happily add yours!

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