The Arrow and Slingshot in June and July

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Brave Writer is busier than ever so I apologize for getting behind in updating the blog. I promise that there will be a Friday Freewrite this week! Scout’s honor. 🙂

A couple points of business:

The Arrow and Slingshot are year round tools. However in June and July we offer specialty issues (so that you have two months per year where you don’t have to do dictation). Last year we offered the Arrow and Slingshot Evaluation and Planning Tools. This year I have four different specialty issues prepared:


June: Exploring Poetry
The June issue will offer you specialized help in reading poetry with your kids to help them enjoy it and to get more out of it. We’ll also talk about how to write poetry and offer you a reading list of great poems, poets and poetry anthologies for kids. Included is a project for creating a personal poetry anthology.

July: Enjoying Fairytales
The July issue will give you some suggestions for how to make fairytales a part of your reading life with your elementary aged kids. Included will be specific activities that will help your younger children narrate the fairytales as you read them together culminating in a year long project that will be a joy to share with others and savor through the years.


June: Making the Most of Movies
The June issue will give you tips and guidelines for using movies as a way to access literary elements. We’ll look at how you can spawn challenging conversations while watching movies, how to identify the plot elements, how to turn movie viewing into more than entertainment, but also a way to enhance a teen’s understanding of the elements of good literature. We’ll also look at how movies have their own criteria for discussion and evaluation that differs from literature.

July: The Importance of Seeing Plays
The July issue will focus on the role of plays in the robust high school English program. We’ll include a list of must see (or at least read) plays as well as some tips for how to get to plays in your area without spending a fortune. This issue will also give you some guidance in understanding the various genres (drama, comedy, musical, and so on).

I’m excited about offering these tools during the months of June and July. If you’re already subscribed, these issues will simply continue your subscriptions. We’ll also announce the new book lists for August 2006-May 2007 by the end of May.

For those not yet subscribed, now is a great time to sign up! You’ll get to start with the June and July issues and roll right into fall. The first issue is free if you sign up through paypal for the monthly deduction of $6.00 per month. You may also order 10 issues for the price of nine by sending a check for $54.00. Details below.

Click here to find out more about how to order.

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