Tomorrow is registration day

Summer Session Registration takes place tomorrow.

Brave Writer has not offered four classes in summer session before so we’re hoping that by offering more choices this time, those of you who found registering difficult in the school year will have an opportunity to get into a class. Crossing fingers!

Here’s what one mom said about the summer session:

I’m just loving all the prompt & personal feedback given by this on-line class. You’ve done such a tremendous job of offering valuable, helpful direction to K. He really has worked so hard today — and literally all day — so it’s wonderful for him to receive immediate rewards through your responses. The money
spent for your class is proving to be the best “bang-for-my-homeschool-buck” this summer! Love it!

Also, I’d like to do a bit of promotion for the women’s writing class: Write for Fun! I offered a similar course two summers ago and it was a huge hit. Here is what one adult writer had to say about it:

Julie, your writing “about” writing is excellent. I felt so inspired, challenged and excited to experiment with writing. I thought the assignments were wonderful–original, fun and un-intimidating. Your class motivated me to write again–something I haven’t
done much of since high school. (Long time ago…) –joanne

For more details about registration, click here.

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