What a day! (Want to work for BW?)

Friday was registration day and we were swamped with registrations.

Kidswrite Basic is full.

Expository Essay is full.

Just So Stories has about six spaces left.

Write for Fun has ten spaces left.

Guided Writing has three spaces left.

Thanks for your enthusiasm for Brave Writer courses. We are adding teachers and hoping to expand out offerings next fall.

To that end, I am seeking new teachers to join the Brave Writer team. If you’d like to teach online writing, please contact me. Here are the qualifications I look for:

  • Three years of homeschooling experience
  • Published writing (You’ve been paid to write.)
  • Friendly, active online presense. I need to see where you post and how you are received online.

If you are looking for a way to combine both your writing skills and your homeschool experience into a part time income, Brave Writer may be for you. Send me an email with your experience and we’ll start a dialog!

Contact me at: Julie’s email

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