Poetry Teatime: Silly Poetry

Poetry Teatime


We had our first Tuesday Teatime and the kids loved it! We had a “Silly Poetry” teatime and invited some friends to join us. My ds 9 made some flowers out of K-Nex that we placed in a beautiful Snapple vase along with some silly colored candy canes. Of course we had to dress our silliest and take silly pictures. We dined on cookies and milk colored with food coloring (except my ds 6 who preferred his to be “just white, please.”) Then each child picked some of their favorite silly or funny poems to read including selections from Runny Babbit and Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. I dressed up, too, but when my husband took my picture he cut out my beautiful black and pink high heel shoes that matched my black jogging pants so perfectly. So sorry you had to miss that!

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Poetry Teatime

Poetry Teatime

We all had a blast and my boys and their friends were planning our next teatime before they left. Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas on the Brave Writer website!


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