Help for High School Yahoo Group

Hello all!

The Brave Writer High School List is now open for membership. This list is a free service of Brave Writer to support parents who are actively teaching their teens to write. There are no requirements to join (anyone can join), but I do have a few suggestions.

The list will offer support particularly to those Brave Writer families who are using the Help for High School manual. It is not a writing class (there won’t be due dates or grades). I won’t be giving the kind of feedback I give in a high school writing class (detailed analysis of a student’s writing).

Rather, this list aims to give moms a place to work out their understanding of academic writing. You will be able to share stories, share your teen’s work for comment by other moms, you will be able to ask questions that both the group and I may answer and so on.

To join the list, sign up here.

If you have any difficulty in signing up, please contact me at my email address which can be found on the side bar.

To purchase Help for High School, click here.

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