Friday Freewrite: What’s in a name?

“Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?”

The answer, of course, is yes. But maybe the “other” name might reveal something else about the rose. What if it were renamed to be “sweet smeller”? Then the rose’s name would tip us off to one of its best features! The American Beauty is a type of rose and you can see immediately what the creator of that name was thinking when he or she gave it to one of the most lovely roses we see in our country.

Today, I want you to pick an item to rename. It can be a plant or bird, animal or fish. Or you can rename a table, or desk, or the refrigerator or a baseball bat… the possibilities are endless. When you rename your chosen item, create a name that reveals or hints at one of the characteristics you want to highlight. Then write a brief advertisement (description) that will help the reader understand the name and the item better.

Have fun!

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