Free Three Week Writing Class on Scratch Pad

I have a couple things to share today.

1. We are looking for a new name for the Scratch Pad. The Scratch Pad is currently home to the discussion that goes with Brave Writer. It is the place where I can see your kids’ writing and offer feedback. It is the place where you can ask writing and grammar questions, where you can talk to other moms about how they are making the Brave Writer Lifestyle a natural part of their lives, where you can share your own writing aspirations and goals!

I will take suggestions for new names that capture the essence of the Scratch Pad and will award the winner with her choice of materials (Arrow, Slingshot back issues or the evaluation tools).

2. We have a steadily increasing volume of posts on the Scratch Pad, but for it to really serve its function, we’ll need a more regular community of posters. To help you “risk” sharing about your homeschool writers, I am offering a short freebie class on the Scratch Pad.

Starting on Monday, October 17th, I will post an easy writing project per week for three weeks. You can work on the writing project with your kids and then post the results (or problems and issues you’re having) on the Scratch Pad. Then I will show you all how to comment on each other’s work so that you can support each other as writing coaches.

For those of you who didn’t get in the last batch of writing classes, this is a good chance to get some writing in before winter quarter when the new classes begin (I’ll be posting the new class list tomorrow on the website and will also post a link to that schedule here.)

Visit the Scratch Pad today!

First project will be posted Sunday night, October 16th so we can get started Monday morning. Tell your friends!


P.S. If you would like to be a part of this free class, please email me. I’d like a general idea of how many moms will participate.

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