Tuesday Teatime: Bears in Pairs

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Ours was not an international teatime, but we had one over the summer, the week before our youngest’s birthday. We had just arrived home from making him a bear at a retail store, and the children wanted to have a bear party, so we did! Nearly every bear in the house attended! It was a spontaneous, literal living of the book we read at our tea-time, which was Bears in Pairs, by Niki Yektai. This delightful picture book is a great one for young readers, and toddlers love to point to the appropriate bear as the poetry format is read to them. It could even inspire some young writers to create a similar style poem! See the reviews .

Of course, we read other bear poetry at our bear tea party, too. Hi Bears, Bye Bears, also by Niki Yektai, was one of the other features. We had peanut butter-chocolate chip coffeecake and hot chocolate at our party, and enjoyed the sunshine!

Brave Mom

Footnote: My daughter Johannah at age two loved this book so much she memorized and acted it out daily! We still have our dog eared copy. Highly recommended. –Julie

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