Tuesday Teatime: with George and Martha

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Here are some pictures from our first tea time.

Before tea time, the boys “dressed up” and picked out the book they wanted me to read. Oldest ds was in the mood for humor and chose “George and Martha Stories” and my youngest ds chose a Richard Scarry book.

We selected “English Breakfast Tea” and it was delicious! (We finished a whole pot and oldest ds asked me to brew some more!) We sampled various cookies and decided “Strawberry Verona” and “Pirouette” were our favorites.

We talked as we sipped tea together and laughed as I read some George and Martha stories. Guess what I found out? Tea time brings out good manners! My boys, who usually need a little bit of reminding in the manners area, were perfect gentlemen. My dd and I have played tea party several times; she was thrilled to be a part of a real tea party.

It was really a special time together. I highly recommend it. Thanks so much for the suggestion, Julie. I can really see this becoming a weekly time to relax, talk and enjoy one another’s company.

Thanks again.

Brave Mom in Florida

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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