Five things to buy before summer

1. Buy new pencils and pens, markers and pastels, even paints.

2. Buy paper of various sizes, shapes, colors, and with and without lines.

3. Buy one new book of poetry.

4. Buy two clipboards.

5. Buy a crate to hold it all.

A fresh supply of writing/drawing/painting materials right before summer will help to keep writing alive for your kids.

To invite them to draw/write outside, try creating the following setting.

Take pillows from indoors and put them in the corner of your deck, under a tree, next to a planter or bench. Add a blanket for coziness. Make sure some potted flowers are nearby. Then bring the crate of supplies outdoors. Add a little CD player of music and perhaps a pitcher of ice water and voila! A writing/drawing haven! You might find yourself sneaking out for a bit.


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