Friday Freewrite: A Different View

Choose one of the following and freewrite for between 7 and 10 minutes (longer if you are in high school – 15 – 20 minutes).

  1. Stand on your head with your feet against a wall for balance. Look at your upside down world and then write. (Write whatever that view prompts. It doesn’t mean you have to write what you saw, though that is perfectly fine. Let the experience draw new writing out of you wherever it leads.)
  2. Sit under a table and write.
  3. Lay on the trampoline in the yard and write.
  4. Climb into a tree and write.
  5. Write right after you wake up (put your notebook and pen next to your bed at bedtime and write the moment you awaken).
  6. Stay up late and write by candlelight.
  7. Go to a coffee shop, the mall or a zoo and write.

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