How to Connect Better With Your Kids: Nurture Connection

Family reading
1. Laugh at their jokes.

Encourage their sense of humor!

2. Pass a note to your child.

While he’s on the X box or computer, hand him a note that tells a joke or says, “I love you.”

3. Ask to listen to one of the songs your child likes (and read a copy of the lyrics).

Find one thing you like in the song (could be musically interesting, good guitar riffs, great line of lyrics, amazing ability to scream… This one is especially good for your teens. Listen to that hip-hop or heavy metal song and read the lyrics asking your son or daughter what they mean).

4. Do your kids’ chores for the day.

Pick one thing that is their responsibility and offer to do it and then follow through.

5. Set aside fifteen-twenty minutes to all read a book.

Do this in the same room at the same time (each person brings his or her own book and reads to self).

6. Smile and greet whoever is in the room when you enter.

Let your child know you’re happy to see her.

Pick two and do them today. You’ll be glad you did.


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