Adult Lit Class: A Room with a View

Brave Writer

Do you sometimes think to yourself: “I wish I could be in a literature discussion club with Brave Writer”? Problem solved!

Our first ever online literature discussion club for parents starts July 6th. We’ll discuss A Room with a View (EM Forster) and watch the Merchant and Ivory film as well (optional).

The purpose of the class is to not only sate your appetites for meaty lit discussion, but to also train you to have these kinds of robust conversations about literature with your budding teens! This class can be seen as an “in-service training” for your home education program—a way to grow in your lit discussing skills.

Plus, it will be a blast! Johannah is teaching it, but I’ll be lurking since this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE NOVEL.

Guided Literature Discussion: A Room with a View
July 6 – July 31, 2015
(4 weeks)


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