Transition to Ownership: Part Two

Transition to Ownership: Part Two

This is our 5th podcast in the series related to the Natural Stages of Growth in writing. We started discussing the Transition to Ownership in podcast 06 and this is the second half of that conversation. You’ll want to listen to that half first.

We continue our discussion of your role in the “Big Juicy Conversations” you need to be having with your fledgling thinkers.



Here’s Part One

5 Responses to “Transition to Ownership: Part Two”

  1. Nanci says:

    Definitely worth the wait for this to be posted!

    I love your idea of “senses of the mind” as a parallel to senses. Brilliant!

  2. Dana says:

    Thanks for these blogs!! I’m new to Brave Writer, and the blogs on stages really helped clarify. So much of what you say resonates, now to translate the ideas into our routines. Our first Friday freewrite was a great success. Copywork I’m still fuzzy on, but we’re using Boomerang this month and trusting it will show its value. I’d be interested to hear a little more about how Brave Writer online classes work – is the child talking to a person or is it all written? Are they scheduled for specific times/lectures or get to it when they can? How much time do most kids put in for class related work? Anyway, thanks for a fabulous set of ideas!
    (I’m a marathoner too, so plenty of time to think about it all:-)

  3. Julie Bogart says:

    You can read about how our classes work here:

    And you can log in to our sample classroom to get a feel for how it works!

    Congrats on running marathons too. Sister!