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Webinar: Wrangling Research

Question: What does RESEARCH look like?

  1. Your teen embarking on a new hobby and devouring tutorials on YouTube
  2. Your budding naturalist learning all the types of birdsong in your neighborhood
  3. Your tween playing different versions of a song to find the one she likes best
  4. Your university student using an online encyclopedia or academic journal 
  5. Your three-year-old asking a ton of questions—why? why? why?


While we’ve come to think of research as something particularly grownup and laborious, kids naturally do research every day as they explore and learn about the world. 

They’re passionate about monster trucks, princesses, or insects. They want to know MORE.

As we grow older, this inquiry becomes more complex and formalized as our research is

  • evaluated,
  • recorded,
  • synthesized, and
  • shared.

Wrangling Research Webinar

Research doesn’t need to be intimidating! Join us for a webinar where we’ll show you how to wrangle research in your homeschool. 

Don’t miss our webinar (free for those taking Brave Writer classes this semester):

April 22, 2020 at 3 PM EDT on Wrangling Research.

How it works

  1. Sign up for a Brave Writer online class.
  2. Look for the webinar link inside your registration confirmation email.
  3. Register for the webinar and join us on April 22. Replays are available for those who register.

You’ll be so glad you made time for this one!

Brave Writer Online Writing Classes

*NEW* Online Literature Class for Adults

Brave Writer's Adult Literature Class

You’ve been itching for your own grown-up talking time, and we’re ready to chat books with you!

Here’s our NEW online class we know YOU (and your older teens) will love. 

Adult Literature Class: A Room with a View 

by E.M. Forster (July 6 – July 31)

Did you know this is my favorite book of all time? True story!

The goal of this class is to enable parents to participate in a book discussion that explores the vocabulary of literary analysis in a relaxed, pressure-free environment. Parents can learn how to support their teens in reading literature for more than plot.

In Brave Writer, we talk about “Big Juicy Conversations.” This class will be one long delicious conversation about Lucy Honeychurch, Mr. George Emerson, and a cast of memorable characters.

That said, if you have a teen who would love to discuss this fabulous book, by all means sign him or her up! We’re happy to have high school students in this class as well.

You won’t find classes like ours anywhere else, so don’t miss this opportunity to kickstart your child’s writing journey!

Registration Opens June 1, 2020

2020 Summer Writing Class Schedule

Summer Schedule: Online Writing Classes

“Brave Writer way is a kinder, gentler, much improved way to learn writing…”

Brave Writer has an incredible line up of amazing online writing classes for your families this summer.

Our classes are PERFECT for homeschoolers and “suddenly-at-home” schoolers.

  • 3-6 week commitment at a time. Each class lasts a short enough time frame that you can commit and then take a nice break when it’s over.
  • Asynchronous. You don’t have to be home on Tuesday at 10:00 with a headset—log in any time when it is convenient to you in your time zone!
  • Writing workshop style. Classes include other families for support, feedback, and shared learning.
  • All materials included in tuition.
  • Instructors who have homeschooled. Our Brave Writer team has homeschooled or been homeschooled and they are professional writers!
  • Warm, supportive, useful feedback. Our instructors give kind, productive, thorough feedback to your kids and to you! Available at all times for questions.

Curious to know more about our offerings? Here’s one NEW class we know YOU (and your older teens) will love. 

Adult Literature Class: A Room with a View 

by E.M. Forster (July 6 – July 31)

Join us if you want a turbo boost of energy for your summer! We offer a variety of classes, including some that ONLY take place in summer. Take a look!

Summer Class Schedule

Brave Writer Online Classes

Boomerang Book Club: April 2020

Boomerang Book Club

Rather than teens reading in isolation, without the benefit of examining the writing and the layers of meaning novelists intend their readers to experience, Brave Writer’s The Boomerang Book Club  provides a forum for that opportunity.

The book discussions are drawn from rich works of fiction that will easily fulfill the English credit requirement for literature for a year of high school.

[This post contains Amazon affiliate links. When you click on those links to make purchases, Brave Writer receives compensation at no extra cost to you. Thank you!]

Look what we’re discussing in our April Boomerang Book Club (ages 13-18): The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani. Kokila, 2018. 272 pages.

This is the harrowing story of Nisha, a 12-year-old girl, who is half-Hindu, half-Muslim. As tensions rise after India gained independence from British rule, she finds herself in the middle of a conflict between Hindus and Muslims. India’s independence and the partition that followed disrupted Nisha’s idyllic life in what was to become Pakistan. She becomes a refugee and must flee the only home she has ever known. Along the way, she records her hopes and fears in a journal as letters to her mother—a mother who passed away while giving birth to Nisha and her twin brother. Nisha’s story is one of family, hope, and bravery. It gives readers a touching and insightful look at this tumultuous time in the region’s history.

Purchase the novel here.

Boomerang Book Club

Arrow Book Club: April 2020

Arrow Book Club

Brave Writer offers a virtual living room space–where students gather to freely discuss the novels they read with you at home.

At the heart of our Book Clubs, you’ll find:

  1. reading
  2. questioning
  3. reflecting
  4. discovering!

[This post contains Amazon affiliate links. When you click on those links to make purchases, Brave Writer receives compensation at no extra cost to you. Thank you!]

Here’s what we’re reading in April in our Arrow Book Club (ages 9-12): Bronze and Sunflower by Cao Wenxuan. Candlewick, 2017. 400 pages.

A best-selling children’s book in China, Bronze and Sunflower has been translated for American readers. What a gift. The story follows Sunflower, a young girl from the city, who is transplanted to the countryside during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, which occurred between 1966 – 1976. She befriends Bronze, the often ostracized and misunderstood deaf boy from a nearby village. After tragedy strikes, Bronze supports Sunflower and she becomes the sister he always wanted. While life is hard in the village, Sunflower loves her new family—but will she be able to stay with them? If you enjoyed The Birchbark House, you’ll love this book!

Purchase the novel here.

Try our low-intensity, warm and welcoming discussion club this April!

Arrow Book Club