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Blog Roundup: February 2014 Edition!

Image by KristinRead how other homeschooling families implement the Brave Writer Lifestyle:

Teaching Writing in Our Homeschool with Brave Writer “Many writing curricula come at writing from what I think of as a ‘teacher’ mindset instead of a ‘writer’ mindset.” ~Tristan, Our Busy Homeschool

Partnership vs. Performance Learning “In Partnership Writing, author Julie Bogart explains how we as parents have no problems helping our child with other schoolwork but feel that if we help our child with writing it then no longer becomes “theirs.” This is a great thought, however, if you are anything like me, this has been an issue in areas outside of writing as well! Partnership Writing has inspired a whole new thought process in me on partnership learning!” ~Nicole, One Magnificent Obsession

The Homeschool Chronicles {Brave Writer} “I want to be a brave writer. I want my kids to be brave writers. Apparently writing can be useful (hello, blogging!), so I absolutely want writing in our homeschool to be about authentic communication, to be so much more than essay outlining, to have a liveliness not found in diagramming sentences.” ~Rachel, Stitched in Color

Unschooling Plans for English and Maths “I’m intending to use Brave Writer’s Daily Writing Tips: Volume 1 for inspiration, especially as a springboard to write alongside J(8) who has suddenly taught himself to spell (two years after we gave up spelling lessons and six months after we stopped his phonics programme. There’s a lesson for me there).” ~Lucinda, Navigating By Joy

Teaching Kids to Write – Sentence Order “In my head there is an ideal writing philosophy. Creating an enjoyment of writing is number one. Communicating thoughts and ideas should be the purpose. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are important, but focus on these writing topics discourages kids from writing.” ~jmommymom, Highhill Homeschool

We hope to share more roundups in the future! If you write about an aspect of the Brave Writer Lifestyle, let us know! Email your post’s url to Jeannette, our Social Media admin ( Thanks!

Image by Brave Writer mom, Kristin (cc)

Homeschool Carnival: A little something for everyone

Carnival of Homeschooling

“It’s not learning, it’s having learned” is included in this week’s Homeschool Carnival at SmallWorld!

Today’s edition is packed full of helpful posts like: “A Typical Day in Our Charlotte Mason Homeschool,” “Relaxed Homeschool, Not Lazy Homeschool,” and “Navigating the Red Tape Part 3: Our Path to an Accredited Diploma.”

Check it out!

Brave Writer Blog Roundup!

Brave Writer Blog RoundupEver wonder how other homeschooling families implement the Brave Writer Lifestyle? Here are several bloggers who share how they do it (click on each link for the full post):

Language Arts Lately “Fourth grade has turned out to be such a funny time for language arts.  Such an in between time.” ~Farrar, I Capture the Rowhouse

Word Games “I am trying to make Wednesdays Word Games day now. We have played some word games before, but the trick is to make it into a routine. We just discovered Rory’s Story Cubes and I think they were the “push” we needed.” Alexandra, Life on a Canadian Island

Family Learning – Week In Review “Messes were made.  Crafts exploded across tables. The chest freezer thawed partially when the cord got knocked out of the outlet. I cooked a lot of unexpected meals thanks to that one.  😉  Life is never dull!” ~Tristan, Our Busy Homeschool 

A few of my favorite things Brave Writer is “so much more than a language arts program.” ~Lori, If I had a blog…

Impromptu Nature Walk “On our way home from a co-op field trip (the kids got to tour Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits behind the scenes), Kathryn and I stopped on the side of the road to check out a little body of water and some plants.” ~Michelle, Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea

Tuesday tea time, hold the tea “Today we decided to take tea time and poetry on the road. We headed to our local library to return several books and pick out some new ones.” ~AspieMom, The Heathen Homeschooler

Poetry Tea Time Resources “Poetry Tea Time has been a part of our weekly routine for a while now, and it’s something we all look forward to with eager anticipation…What I love about it is there’s really no agenda, other than to slow down, eat a snack, drink something, and read some poetry. I don’t have a preconceived idea about which poems we’ll read (though sometimes I do pick something out in advance)…” ~Amy, Hope Is the Word

Cozy Homeschooling Spotlight: Julie Bogart of Brave Writer “I have listened to all the Brave Writer podcasts, and the most recent fleshed out the ‘one thing’ concept with practical pointers. It’s safe to say that it has impacted me profoundly and has set a new course for the way I think about teaching and learning.” ~Stephanie, Less Makes Room for More

We hope to share more roundups in the future! If you write about an aspect of the Brave Writer Lifestyle, let us know! Email your post’s url to Jeannette, our Social Media admin ( Thanks!

Image by Brave Writer mom, Chasity (cc)

Our Brave Writer Lifestyle


We recently featured a poem by 11 year old Kayleigh. Her mom, Mary, blogs at Not Before 7:00 and she wrote three fabulous posts about her family’s Brave Writer lifestyle. Check them out!

Part I: Our Brave Writer Lifestyle

Mary shares her journey from Classical Education to Brave Writer. She writes:

I don’t even know where to begin with the changes in our homeschooling since I found Julie at Brave Writer. I have been inspired and encouraged to finally embrace the homeschooling lifestyle that I think has always been “me” deep down inside.

Part II: Our School Year

Their Language Arts program is explained. Read how Mary “deprogrammed” herself and tossed out the spelling, grammar, and vocabulary workbooks!

Best of all…this year my kids all consider themselves WRITERS!  They keep poetry journals.  They talk about their stories and write for fun.  Even my 4 year old asked one night if he could tell me a story!  The next day he told me another and I wrote it down in his writing journal.

They all have learned that they EACH have ideas WORTH WRITING DOWN!  And I can think of no better goal for writing at this age!

Part III: Essentials

Take a peek at their Tuesday Teatimes and Friday Freewrites (complete with adorable photos!).

Homeschool Carnival at Taking Time for Things That Matter

Carnival of Homeschooling

My post, “When the tears come, the writing is done,” is featured in this week’s Homeschool Carnival on Janice Campbell’s blog!

Other highlighted posts address education, the legacy of homeschooling, planning and organizing, family and fun.

Check it out!


Also, if you write a homeschool blog and would like to participate in future Carnivals go here.