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Brave Writer Podcast: 55 Things I Did NOT Do as a Homeschooler

Podcast 55 Things I Did NOT Do as a Homeschooler

Homeschooling parents often have anxiety around the aspirations for perfection that are so prevalent in home education – but we don’t have to be perfect!

In this podcast episode, I dispel some of that anxiety by sharing 55 things that I did NOT do in my homeschool, but at some point thought I should do.

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Despite the lack of projects, the lack of science, the fact that we didn’t write as much as you might expect, the fact that we changed what we did every year, I have amazing kids – just like you!

There are ways to think about home education, and education in general, and your family! The priority is your relationships, and their capacity to engage a subject and make it meaningful to them in a way that lasts into adulthood.

Stay turned for next week’s podcast: 61 Things I Did Right in My Homeschool.

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61 Things I Did RIGHT in My Homeschool

How to Write an iTunes Podcast Review

How to Write an iTunes Review

A number of our Brave Writer podcast listeners have asked how to write a review of the show on iTunes.

Here’s a quick and easy guide:

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How to Write an iTunes Review

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How to Write an iTunes Review

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How to Write an iTunes Review

Click on the Write A Review button. That brings up a window where you can type a title and the text of your review. If you haven’t already chosen a star rating, you can do so here as well.

Write in what you want to say about the show and click Submit.

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Brave Writer Podcast: Morning Routines that Support Your Homeschool & Family

Brave Writer Podcast Morning Routines That Support Your Homeschool & Family

Welcome to Season 4 of the Brave Writer Podcast!

This season we’re releasing (via audio) our most popular YouTube broadcasts.
We’ll also sprinkle original content throughout.

Episode One of Season 4 is about a favorite topic: morning routines! We explore possible ways to structure your mornings, five things you can do before noon, and the difference between following a routine (liberating!) and enforcing a schedule (defeating).

This is NOT a list of things you need to do every morning if you want to have a good day of homeschooling—it is an exploration of how morning routines really helped our home school, and how they may be used to help you too.

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Show Notes

The Big Morning Routine Myth

No practice that you adopt in homeschool works for all ages, for all time—so there is no plug-and-play system for developing an effective morning routine for your home school.

You will see changes in your family, so you need to be flexible. There may be moments where the routine is stifling, even though it used to give you life.

If your routine doesn’t feel good, if it isn’t satisfying, if it doesn’t support the well being of the family, then something needs to change.

“The morning routine is not your master – it is your servant, and you get to decide what works for your season and stage.”


Podcast BONUS EPISODE: Brain Breaks with Joshua MacNeill

Bonus Podcast with Joshua MacNeill

Today on the podcast we learn more about the developing brain so that we, as parents and home educators, can incorporate brain-based practices into our family’s lives. Our guest for this episode is Joshua MacNeill, Director of Lakeside’s NeuroLogic Initiative and an expert in trauma-informed education.

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We know the early years are crucial when it comes to a child’s development – but do you know, specifically, how it affects the brain?

For example, in the first year of life, more than one million new neural connections are formed every second. Adversity impairs these new connections, and the greater the adversity a child faces, the greater the odds of a delay in their cognitive, language, or emotional development.

Joshua MacNeill podcast


You can find more of Joshua’s fun and practical brain break ideas in his book, 101 Brain Breaks & Educational Activities. Joshua has a pro tip for using the book: don’t get hung up on the details. Even if it doesn’t seem to go exactly how you plan or expect, it’s likely still going to be beneficial for your children.

Also join Josh in the Homeschool Alliance in March for a wonderful webinar featuring his ground-breaking ideas. He’ll take your questions and teach you how to use these brain breaks. Sign up for our 7-Day Free Trial and be ready to go in March when we hold the webinar. Can’t wait for you to see all the research and resources he has to offer us.

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Brave Shift Podcast Series

Brave Shift Podcast Series

Season 3 of the Brave Writer podcast surpassed even my expectations! In my interviews with friends, educators, and even my wonderful mom, we explored the brave shifts that helps us to be better parents, better homeschoolers, and better people.

Each week features someone who has had an impact on how I love and learn. These guests are my personal heroes as well as skilled practitioners I’ve long admired. We discussed the culture of homeschooling and how its changed over the last four decades, we looked at the impact of cancer and the death of a child on our ability to home educate, we talked about education reform and how to create a homeschool space that is filled with light and coziness, and I got to talk to one of our Brave Writer instructors as well as one of our Homeschool Alliance coaches (and so much more).

The season kicked off with Susan Wise Bauer and wrapped up with Karen O’Connor (my dear mom). Listen, bring tissues (some of these interviews are pretty poignant), and implement the practical ideas that may help you re-shape your homeschool into something gorgeous and personal.

Tune in to the Brave Writer podcast on iTunesStitcher (or your app of choice), and here on the Brave Writer blog.

S3E1: On Homescholing Culture & Rethinking School – with Susan Wise Bauer
Podcast | Show Notes

S3E2: Creating a Warm & Rich Homeschooling Environment – with Dotty Christensen
Podcast | Show Notes

S3E3: Globe-Trotting + Homeschooling – with Christina Celebi
Podcast | Show Notes

S3E4: Writing Outside of the Academic Rubric – with Gabrielle and Kim Linnell
Podcast | Show Notes

S3E5: How to Be an Awesome Adult – with Christy Thomas
Podcast | Show Notes

S3E6: Enchanted Roadschooling Adventures for Families – with Ashley White
Podcast | Show Notes

S3E7: The Homeschooling Paradigm Shift – with Rita Cevasco
Podcast | Show Notes

S3E8: Coping with Unimaginable Loss – with Brian and Tywana Smith
Podcast | Show Notes

S3E9: Learning to Trust Yourself, Your Child, & the Process – with Stephanie Elms
Podcast | Show Notes

S3E10: Poetry, Fanfiction, and Chronic Illness – with Susanne Barrett
Podcast | Show Notes

S3E11: How TeachThought is Innovating Education & Empowering Students – with Terry Heick
Podcast | Show Notes

S3E12: Leaving a Beauty Mark on the World – with Joules Evans
Podcast | Show Notes

S3E13: Be There: A Brave Role Model for Parents – with Karen O’Connor
Podcast | Show Notes

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