It All Counts

It All Counts

Today’s thought: It all counts

  • The dish washing,
  • the foot rubbing,
  • the tub bathing,
  • the skip counting in the car,
  • the singing at the tops of your lungs together off key,
  • the carefully copied passage,
  • the shopping for groceries,
  • the spontaneous walk in the neighborhood,
  • the sorting the laundry into the right colored piles,
  • the charging of the dead phone,
  • the pause to text your sick mother-in-law,
  • the five minutes you take to regroup,
  • the gentle way you overlooked your child’s Big Mess,
  • the fifth book read after lunch when you usually only read three,
  • the naps (oh yes, the naps count!),
  • the petting of the dog,
  • the recitation of a few historical facts,
  • the listening carefully when your child explains how to beat level five,
  • the cuddles,
  • the enthusiastic cheer for small successes and big ones,
  • the science experiment you finally got through with all the right ingredients,
  • the trampoline jumping,
  • the needed and taken break

This stuff also counts:

  • The short word,
  • the worry,
  • the rushing,
  • the aimlessness that takes over when exhausted,
  • the bickering,
  • the harsh tone when a child is simply being a child,
  • the endless pages of material a child already knows,
  • the push, push, push to work harder on what a child isn’t ready for,
  • the conversations with a spouse overheard by the child,
  • the missed opportunities to play,
  • the loss of contact with a teen,
  • the blankness that sets in when sick of homeschooling,
  • the lost moment when a child was excited but you were distracted,
  • the anxiety that something’s wrong,
  • the blues,
  • the bad math book that you spent too much on,
  • the co-op where a bully mistreats your one child,
  • the much-needed, not-taken break…

You get to choose what will count in your homeschool.

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One Response to “It All Counts”

  1. Joyfulmomof6 says:

    I was really affected not only by the positive little things that “count” but probably moreso by the negatives. I never thought about it in that way before. In homeschooling, our children also get to see our “humanness” and our faults, which helps them be more compassionate to others who are in need of some grace.