Homebound Online Conference!

Homebound Online Conference

So last weekend, I whipped out my cell phone and texted my friend, Susan Wise Bauer.

I wondered: “What could we do for all of our homeschool families who are heartbroken about not getting to attend their spring conferences?”

And what could we do for “suddenly-at-home” schoolers—the family and friends of our friends and family who are suddenly wondering how on earth to do it all—working from home, educating at home, all without choosing it or preparation!?

I said to Susan, “Would you be up for designing a week long conference with me that we could offer our communities for free?”

Instantly, she returned: “Count me in…as co-host!”

Which immediately made me want to assign her “ice and cups.” (😜 PhoebeFriends reference—I digress.)

So we brainstormed and now we’ve got a FULL BLOWN online conference with additional presenters for you AND YOUR KIDS!


  • March 23 – 27, 2020
  • Daily Story Telling with Jim Weiss
  • Daily Read Aloud with Melissa Wiley (her book, The Prairie Thief)
  • Writing inspiration from poet Amy Ludwig Vanderwater
  • And TWO evening webinars per night

Monday March 23

Josh MacNeill (Neurologic) 7:00 PM EDT
Brain Breaks: Relieving stress, preparing the brain to learn

Julie Bogart (Brave Writer) 8:30 PM EDT
Home, not School: Creating the Context for Learning and Life

Tuesday March 24

Charnaie Gordon (from HereWeeRead) 7:00 PM EDT
Same, Same, But Different: Diversity in children’s literature

Susan Wise Bauer (Well Trained Mind) 8:30 PM EDT
Homeschooling Real Children, Good Kids, and Odd Kids Out

Wednesday March 25

Kate Snow (Kate Snow Homeschool Math) 7:00 PM EDT
How to Teach Math Facts That Stick

Julie Bogart (Brave Writer) 8:30 PM EDT
Word Play: Creating a Reading and Writing Rich Life!

Thursday March 26

Rita Cevasco (Rooted in Language) 7:00 PM EDT
Foundations in Reading: Help Your Child Build Skills and Progress

Susan Wise Bauer (Well Trained Mind) 8:30 PM EDT
What Is History and Why Do We Study It?

Friday March 27

Ainsley Arment (Wild + Free) 7:00 PM EDT
Reclaiming Wonder in Our Children’s Education

Susan Wise Bauer + Julie Bogart 8:30 PM EDT
Q&A and Conversation with YOU!

How to Attend

  1. Go to our website and register for EACH webinar you’d like to attend.
  2. Webinars are hosted on Zoom, a webinar platform.
  3. You will receive email notifications to remind you when the webinars will start.
  4. All sessions can hold 3000 live attendees. If you miss it live, it will be shared on replay later in the week.
  5. There is no charge for attending!

Note: If you log on at the right time and after two minutes did not get in, exit the app and try again. There will be a lot of traffic right at the start of the webinars but it will lighten up within 5 minutes.

Check out our freebies hereHomebound Resources

We are so looking forward to hanging out with you. We will create community together and learn how to learn during this unique moment in history.

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