Call for Writing Coaches 2020

Call for Brave Writer Coaches 2020

Have you been waiting for the chance to work for Brave Writer? It’s your lucky day—Brave Writer is hiring (application link below)!

We’re looking for women and men from diverse backgrounds to join our creative, passionate, and talented team of writing coaches

If you are a writer and homeschooler and would like to supplement the family income with part-time work from home, consider working with us! Hours and scheduling are flexible. Pay is based on class type. 

Brave Writer writing classes are conducted online on our website. Read about how they work here

Application Process

  • Fill out the application linked below (it’s time sensitive, so be sure to mark your calendars!).
  • We’ll invite qualified candidates to an interview and then to our two-week training (mandatory).
  • We’ll select our new coaches from the pool of candidates who complete the training successfully.
  • Qualified writing coaches who complete the training will be invited to teach for Brave Writer as the need arises over the course of the next 12-18 months. We expect to expand our offerings. 

Our requirements are straightforward and critical to our success.


We encourage you to make sure your application is the best it can be! Be prepared to provide details in the following areas.

  1. Homeschool Experience
    You must have homeschooled your kids or have been homeschooled yourself for at least three years. Note that teaching other families’ homeschooled children is not a substitute for this requirement.
  2. Publishing
    Publishing credits in any of the following venues are necessary:
    • Magazine articles
    • Book(s)
    • An active blog with a readership
    • A community newsletter (homeschooling, religious community, affinity group, etc.)
    • Letters to the editor or editorials
    • You tell us! (There are lots of ways to be published today.)
  3. Online presence
    You need to have a warm, engaging online presence that is evident from online conversations you link for us to read. We need to be able to see how you relate online because that’s what teaching for Brave Writer is all about!
  4. Excellent Writing Skills
    We’re looking for people who write with clarity and ease using accurate grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  5. Creativity
    You need to be a creative person who can problem-solve and foster imaginative solutions to writing dilemmas. We’ll train you in our method, but it helps if you already have a knack for revision or expanding writing content.
  6. Facility with Technology
    You should be a savvy user of a variety of programs and online platforms. If you know how to use a text editor, handle folders in Gmail, and use Google Drive, that’s a plus. Most importantly, you need an ability to troubleshoot technical problems and find solutions.
Brave Writer

Follow these submission directions

Please bookmark this page to access the application link. (Emails will NOT be accepted.) 

The application form will be open February 24-28, 2020. The form will close at midnight ET on February 28. This gives you time to update your resumé and prepare your writing sample before you apply.

You will share this information:

  • Name, phone number, email address, and where you currently live
  • Degrees (high school, college, graduate school — whatever you have)
  • Homeschool experience
  • Publishing credits
  • Online presence
  • Familiarity with Brave Writer products
  • Information about you and why your skills are a good match for Brave Writer

You also must include:

  1. A writing sample that showcases your writing voice (700-800 words). We are looking for engaging writing, so choose your best work!
  2. Your resumé (please include any experience coaching writing)

Once you’ve submitted your application (link below), you will receive an email receipt as confirmation. We will contact you by March 18 to thank you for your application or to ask you to continue in the process. Select interviews will be offered by May 8.

We will conduct interviews via webcast software and invite select candidates to complete our writing instructor training.

Invitations to our Brave Writer coach training will be extended before May 11, 2020 after we complete the interview process. 

The training (conducted online asynchronously, no specific daily login time) will be held online June 8-19, 2020. It is mandatory for anyone who wants to work for us. 

Even if you are not invited to teach with us, the online training is valuable to your own homeschool and any co-op community where you might teach. 

All employment related questions should be directed to Kirsten Merryman:

Apply Here February 24-28

Application deadline: Midnight EST on February 28

We look forward to hearing from you AND your friends!

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