Call for Teachers: 2015!

Brave Writer Call for Teachers 2015

Brave Writer is growing!


(Keep an eye on the blog for future calls for teachers)

We need Brave Writer instructors and writing tutors. If you’re looking for a way to supplement your family’s income and have writing and homeschooling skills, Brave Writer may be right for you! Brave Writer instructors work part time from home. Hours and scheduling are flexible. Pay is based on student load.

Our requirements are straightforward, but critical to our success. If you do not match all the criteria and still feel convinced that Brave Writer would be a good fit for your skills, please explain in your email to us. We’re interested!

1. Homeschool Experience
You must have homeschooled your kids for at least 3 years, or you must have been homeschooled for 3 years.

2. Publishing
You need to have been published.

  • magazine articles
  • a book you’ve written
  • an active blog with a readership
  • a community newsletter (like church or homeschooling)
  • newspaper letters to the editor or editorials
  • You Tell Me! (There are lots of ways to be published today.)

3. Online presence
You need to have a warm, online presence that can be observed. I prefer to know that you are active in an online community (homeschooling, film, gardening, theology, gaming) or that you have an active Facebook or Twitter account. I need to be able to see how you relate online since that’s what teaching for BW is all about!

4. Excellent writing skills
You need excellent writing skills in casual email/online conversation.
That means you are a natural speller, have good natural grammar, and write with clarity and ease.

5. Creativity
You need to be a creative person who can problem solve and foster imaginative solutions to writing dilemmas. We’ll train you in our method, but it helps if you have a knack for editing, or expanding writing content already. It also helps if you have homeschooling experience that enables you to support and encourage other parents.

6. Knowledge of academic writing forms and literature.
Not required, but helpful.
In addition to our usual instructors who work with parents and kids between the ages of 8-13, we also have a need for instructors who can teach high school writing forms—college prep writing. Please indicate in your letter/resume if you feel qualified to teach academic forms and any experience that validates your qualifications.

Follow these submissions requirements
We will not read any application that has the wrong subject head or includes an attachment!

Please submit a single-page resume in the body of the email not as an attachment to Paula Horton (Human Resources Administrator)

The title of the email needs to be: Brave Writer Teacher Application

In your resume, include evidence of the 6 items above as well as:

  • Your name
  • Where you currently live
  • Your degrees (high school, college, graduate school – whatever you have)
  • Your teaching experience (if you have any) related to writing
  • A writing sample—something you share with me that shows your writing voice.

We need quite a few teachers and we are also starting a tutorial service (where you will work with individual students weekly) so take a chance and let me know of your interest. We’ll hold a training this summer to see if you are qualified to teach for us (you must be available for the training: July 13-24, 2015). There is no invitation to work for Brave Writer until you’ve completed the training.

All resumes are due by Friday April 17, 2015

Once we have received your email, you will get a confirmation note from Paula. We will contact you by April 30 to let you know if you are invited to interview with me in May. Invitations to our training will come by the end of May.

Paula and I look forward to hearing from you!

4 Responses to “Call for Teachers: 2015!”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Would the two week training this summer be in person or online? I technically meet the qualifications and I am interested, but I have little ones I couldn’t leave for two weeks. So before I applied, I wanted to be sure I understood the training conditions. Thank you!

  2. Julie says:

    Online for sure, just like our classes.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you!

  4. Joyfulmomof6 says:

    Hi Julie— I have all the qualifications (14 years (my oldest graduated from homeschool and 2nd graduates this year, and still homeschooling 4 more, a Ph.D., a published writer (The Old Schoolhouse Magazine), except the online presence….I don’t do Facebook or Twitter (and I don’t really want to).
    But I am part of a YouTube Exercise community…we post comments after we’ve worked out. Would that count?

    I don’t want to put together an application before I asked if this would be a problem.

    Maybe tutoring would be better for me. I am really good one on one.

    Thanks in advance