Art Appreciation: Enhance your awareness of beauty

this July.

Good friend and art aficionado, Beth Burgess, is again teaching her well-received “Art Appreciation” course from last summer. So many of us want to give our children a rich education in the arts, but feel we lack the skills to equip us. Beth’s years as a painter, photographer and art history student (combined with her years of home educating her own four children) give you the chance to unlock some of art’s mysteries. Charlotte Mason has long venerated the idea of a solid art education. She talks about “furnishing the halls of our minds with great works of art.” She suggests picture study as a way to expand a child’s attention to detail and appreciation for beauty.

Brave Writer has long suggested devoting time to art appreciation as visual stimulation has a way of revving the writing impulse. Encounters with visual images crafted for specific impact stir our imaginations and vocabularies. Art appreciation is also a lens through which your kids may enjoy viewing history.

Read the class description here and give yourself a treat this summer. Immerse yourself in a course that will both prepare you to teach art to your kids, but will also offer you a respite from the daily cares of life at home. Escape into the visual world of paintings and photography. You deserve a chance to grow, expand and be nurtured, too, you know.

Course Description

2 Responses to “Art Appreciation: Enhance your awareness of beauty”

  1. Kay says:

    Thoughtful, insightful and gentle are the strengths of all Bravewriter instructors. The classes will grow around your kids and embrace them no matter what the level. It only takes one class to know you’ve made the right decision to make the investment in a class.

    If you feel at all hesitant about trying a class, go for it, jump in and give it a try you will not be disappointed.

    Son 14
    Daughter 11
    Bravewriters since 2005

  2. I used to attend an Art Appreciation class way back in college. I agree, you’d see and be aware of the different uniqueness and beauty around you and you’ll really be appreciative and open to more ideas because of this.