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Friday Freewrite Prompt: Line of poetry

Pull out your poetry books for today’s writing prompt.

Open any book to any page. Grab a line, write it at the top of the page and go from there. Don’t think about it. Don’t say to yourself: “This is a stupid line. I should find a better one.” There is no better one. Just use the one you find.

Every time you get stuck, skip a line and rewrite the original poetry line and go again. Allow yourself to change directions and start fresh.

Starting with a “great line” can suggest new ideas and insights.

Here are a few suggestions, if you don’t have any poetry books checked out from the library.

“Freedom is a hard-bought thing”
A gift no man can give,”
(From “Song of the Settlers” by Jessamyn West)

“Deep in the wood I made a house
Where no one knew the way”
(From “August” by Katherine Pole)

“A treacherous monster is the shark,
He never makes the least remark.”
(From “The Shark” by Lord Alfred Douglas)

“Mother doesn’t want a dog,”
(From “Mother doesn’t want a dog” by Judith Vorst)

“I know a funny little man,
As quiet as a mouse,”
(From “Mr. Nobody” Author Unknown)

Grammar Tips

Friday Freewrite: Two Choices

Using a Jacket to create a writing prompt

 Image by Jody Roberts

Imagine a coat.

Imagine the pocket of the coat.

Imagine what’s in the pocket.

Write about a toy, a weapon or a vehicle being put to a use for which it was not designed.

Now write.

Check out my freewriting guide  to get the writing juices flowing.


Friday Freewrite: Five Words

For those who do the Friday Freewrite, here’s a prompt you can use to stimulate writing.

Use the following words in any way you wish:

boggle swing red lizard rock slip

You can tell a story, write a news report, or simply let the words lead you where they may. Start with one word, explore it and then begin again with the next one until your time runs out.

Remember, these words can be nouns or verbs.

For example:

The red boggle lizards his way through the craggy rocks.


It’s boggling to see how a lizard slithers through the craggy rocks.

Can you hear and see the difference? It’s fun to cast familiar words in new grammatical roles. Play around and see what happens.

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